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Life is a Puzzle. I have traveled several countries where I met several friends as well but sometimes I wish they could come with me. Because I've seen alot of people come in and out of my life and part of it is because of the person I was. Over the past year, I dedicated my whole life to the Lord and that makes me a better person. So for those who know what I am talking about, do not get me wrong but all I am trying to say is that, by making mistakes, we learn more about lifeand if you wanna know more about it you know what to do. Thanks for those who supported me and still thanks for those who let me down. God Bless Yall. And love ya..
WhatImInto: Back in college after a long break but in holidays right now.
MyDreams: My dreams are to become a better person than I am and serve my Lord anywhere I go. Be the best Mother I can for my children, a good wife for my husband. Happy and become what i always want to be.

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