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Im a strong black woman. I have alot to offer to someone who is willing and wanting to have it. I don't like to play games, waste my time or other people's time. Im a lover, not a fighter. I love and I love for real. Right now my priorities lie with my son and providing for him as well as myself. Im educated and still have more that I want to accomplish. Life is about taking chances in hopes of bettering yourself or helping someone better their lives...anything else you want to know, leave a message or contact me AIM: vsuchickdee yahoo: mizztjones8608 facebook: facebook/MizzTJones ....Be blessed and hope to hear from you :)
HighSchool: Central High School
JuniorHighSchool: Lunenburg Middle School
ElementarySchool: Kenbridge Elementary School
Music: R&B, Hip-Hop...Various Artists
TV: CSI New York, CSI Miami, CSI Las Vegas, NCIS, Law n Order CI, Law n Order SVU, First 48
Books: All books by Zane
Sports: favorite sports: basketball, softball, volleyball Favorite teams: none particular favorite athlete: the greatests
Interests: Doin what must be done in order to be successful
Movies: love and basketball, transformers, Boyz N Da Hood, Juice, All Tyler Perry Movies & Plays, Death Race, Baby Boy, and more
BestFeatures: u tell me...
Dreams: My dream is to be successful, own my own crib by 30s and own company by my 40s...if not, i have other goals..

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