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Life is a dream worth living . All those around you may not fully understand the gift that is truly your existence in this world. But who cares? Anyone that understands you, will truly be a blessing. Anyone who doesn't, can take a different path. Let go of those who's intentions are clouded and hold onto those who have taken the time to show they have your best interests at heart. And when you have the time, catch a breeze and see where the wind takes you........!!!
Music: 80's, 90's, Modern Slow/Hip hop/Pop/R&B Vietnamese/English/Korean/Chinese anything that sounds good and have a nice rhythm ^^ just to name a few. My favorite songs I like to listen now is Eternal Flame, because I love you, just to call to say i love, and hello...Can you tell I'm a hopeless romantic?
Movies: I like anything in the 80's but mostly Romantic/Comedy/action Titanic, Notebook, Mean Girls Grease, 16 Candles, Pretty Woman, dirty dancing, flash dance, Pretty in Pink, Back to the future I and II are the originals that I'd never get tired of.
WhatImInto: I like dancing and singing so you'll see me at Velvet Room or at Karaoke Room with my sisters or friends. I would love to be adventurous so whoever is..BRING IT ON! lolz.,going to the movies, swimming, surfing the net, watch K-drama....
MyBestFeatures: I like my lips...does that count?
MyDreams: I want to finish school and have a nice stable career where I can live my life easily and enjoy it with my love ones.

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