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I am 37 yrs old. I am a mom, I have two daughters, 19 and 13, and a 6 year old (soon to be) step-son. They are my whole world. I love kids, Believe it or not, I love working at home and at my job. I am a very kind-hearted person. I love to cook, and clean. I love to cook out. I love hosting parties. :) I am a really good cook. My favorite foods to cook are good ole southern style cooking. :) I like to go hang out with my friends. I am sometimes a homebody. I wanted to find someone to wrestle with, watch movies with,and I found him. I'm even marrying him. His name is Brian. knows him as, Brian "the Pagan" Priest.
HighSchool: Thomas Jefferson High School
Music: Country, rock, hip hop, im pretty versitle I like a lil bit of everything:)
TV: family guy, american dad, law and order, cold case files, dave chappel, 3 stooges, twilight zone,history channel.
Books: I like to read history books. History is my passion.
Sports: I love nascar, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, rock climbing, skating, horse shoes, and volleyball.
Interests: I like reading, going to the river... I love cuddling with my fiancee, horseback riding, fishing, and going to the beach:)
Movies: Patton,pride and prejudice,gladiator, and true stories, action, adventure, comedy, i like alot of different movie genres, its a wonderful life,too many titles to write:)
BestFeatures: I think I have nice legs. :)
Dreams: My dream is for the sun to shine everyday!

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