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I am divorced, as I said, I enjoy making new friends. I do prefer being around people close to my age or older. I am open to a casual friendship where we hang in, rather than out. I am not much of a bar person. I am not looking for a serious relationship. Why after 15 years of that would I jump back into it. I am discovering new and fun things I enjoy and want to be able to pursue them. I am discovering myself again and finding I am much, much more open than I imagined. I've recently found myself attracted to men large in every way (yes, I mean over 8 inches) and I find black men beautiful. Blunt, yes, honest, yes. Why not be honest with what you enjoy.
Music: Kid Rock, Nickleback , Eminem, really almost all music
Interests: I enjoy meeting new people and casual friendships. Since I've gotten divorced I have discovered what I have been missing out on for years. I am having fun and not looking for a serious relationship at this time.
BestFeatures: I have been complimented on my chest, lol and have been told I have a butt that begs to be...........I think that is a compliment.

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