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    Retail Wholesale
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    No, never


I'm a cosplayer, video game fan and actress. I play Domino in the Fan Web Series "Uncanny X-Men". I'm actually trying to campaign to PLAY Domino in a future Deadpool film. Why? Because I can.
I think potty humor funny and I get the appeal of The Three Stooges. I hate 99% of dramas and romance movies. I'm more the comedy/horror/super hero movie kinda girl.

I have four beautiful nieces, but no kids of my own. I'm not looking to be a mommy because I have helped raise my nieces and i don't want them to have competition. They will always come first.

What I am looking for

I won't beat around the bush. 5'10" and up. Thin or built. Have hair on your head. I would love to find a Deadpool or even (animated series) Joker cosplayer. I'm not young anymore, but I act like it.

I like tall guys and I really need a guy with a sense of humor.

I'm shallow to an extent. I'm not proud of that fact, but I have discovered, big or small, fat or thin, handsome or ugly, any guy can be an a-hole and they always tend to find me.

NOW, what I am absolutely NOT looking for is a one night stand. I am in no way a Rent-a-Girlfriend for the night. Either you want me or you don't. I am also not looking for a booty call. I am too old for childish games and certainly too old to get your STDs. I want a man who wants a relationship. It's that easy.

Oh, and have a freaking job. I can not stress that one enough.

Having your car is awesome too.