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I do my best to stay still and just be. The earth is in need of healing. She gives us many gifts which I am grateful. To work with and for the earth brings me joy. I take this next chapter of this short life span to respect myself so if you don’t keep things herbal please don’t waste my precious time as we aren’t guaranteed this time. I don’t judge I’m just healing and I have no room for rocky ground. Now that’s out of the way- I trust myself and hope to find another to share this road we walk. I’m in no rush. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am a strong willful loyal Leo with the compassion and empathy of a Virgo. I am different than your average I’ve been told- not sure if it’s a compliment to all. I am a genuine person and I’m finding this a rare trait as I move through life. I look for honesty, little to no drama, animal lovers, someone who cares about their earthly body-physically fit if you want to keep up with me. A friend is first and foremost in my book so I seek a friendship with a likeminded soul to plant seeds, float rivers, make and dance to good music, have good conversation and comfortable silences and be present. I’ll share more of my personal life another day.
I love Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead... I love most all music suited to jive with my vibration

What I am looking for

I am looking to share this road with a kindred spirit. I am looking to share a connection that isn’t superficial. I’m Interested in someone who understands loving oneself as well as others. Life is our right so I post to the only dating site that seems suiting.