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I am someone who is a real witness to my life and see it as a journey worth putting effort into in terms of my own self growth and improvement.

To live harmoniously inside of myself and being aware of how my behaviours and interactions can impact others is very important to me and it should be something that the person i would choose to spend time getting to know should too.

I have a great sense of humour and get on with all types young and old and in between. I can converse about alot of things on a surface level or delve deeper into topics depending on the person place and reason. I have no room for racism and am nonjudgmental even though some things may not resonate with my core values or beliefs. Am very keen to learn more and broaden my general or specific knowledge base.

What I am looking for

Ideally I am looking to meet a positive cheerful, honest, decent, caring hardworking and loyal woman.

Although we are all individual, we must remember to be decent and honour the way in which we as human beings, no matter where we are from, we all have more things in common with each other, moreso than we have differences.

I feel comfortable with sharing time with someone who is appreciative of eco sustainability and living off grid.

Living an eco-conscious lifestyle is something that i am working towards achieving and would gladly share my dream with someone who dreams the same way.

I would share my small hobby farm with a person who loves gardening and animals who would like to share an adventure with me as i setup a lil farm into an offgrid organic eco sustainable business with fresh herbs and flowers, free range chicken eggs and bee's for honey and any other type of natural form of fruit and vege production that could be applied sustainably and sensibly.

After working a fulltime office job monday to friday all my life, i now have my sights set on my farm life as the way of life and a source of income and look to transitioning from office work to fulltime at the farm.

I have no time for games as my life is devoted to helping others understand healthy living, a healthy environment and be involved in the importance of organic food growing and supply and caring for the nature that is my farm and i know that i am changing the course of my humanity by being the change i want to see in the world.

There is so much to write but will leave it there for now and perhaps share more with you should you wish to make contact.

Thanks for making it this far and i look forward to hearing from you soon and see if we click...

Dont be shy. Start with a hi Shorn, how are you today?