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    6 ft. 3 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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I enjoy farming, learning about agro-ecology and food system reform. I love thinking about how everything is connected. Activities that make me feel accomplished, right now include farming, vegan cooking, journaling, playing guitar, playing basketball, doing yoga, connecting with old friends, connecting with new friends, ecstatic dancing, taking care of my health, reading. In the past they've also included improv theatre (comedy, as well as playback), writing short stories and reading my short stories to large, unsuspecting groups, writing screenplays and web-series, teaching, mentoring, performing sketch comedy and musical parodies and discussing theories about how everything is connected. I have an immense capacity for understanding and I like to build trust with people by listening and empathizing. I also like to talk about myself and all my neuroses and theories about the universe and humanity, but I feel nervous that other people don't want to hear it, so when I find someone who does, I feel a great sense of gratitude.

What I am looking for

A strong, independent, physically fit woman who invests in her physical, mental, social, and emotional health. Who doesn't need me to be with them all the time, who will enjoy spending time apart when we're both off doing things that makes us happy, and then when we come back together, we can instantly feel joy for the opportunity to have someone special to come home to. Who seriously cares and is doing something about reversing climate change. Who loves and admires nature and animals. Who can co-exist with my vegan diet. Who is good with her hands, and is handy, and likes getting dirty. Who is sensitive and empathetic. Who likes to give and receive massages. Who likes to dance. Who likes poetry.